places I remember while growing up

You'll find below, a listing of places I had seen when I was kid, most of which are no longer around. I think it's important to write down and catalog these places, because although it may not mean anything to today's kids, knowing what was, has always proven to know what could be, and even what is currently there.

If you have a place in the suburban Philadelphia area that was a big deal to you when you were growing up, that isn't there anymore, please let me know, and let's get it posted up here so people can share their memories. If you have photos of ANY of the places I have listed below, please e-mail me, as I would like to have them for this site. I will put your name in the 'Photos Courtesy Of' setion of this page. Thank you.

    I remember...

  • Lionel Kiddie City • Willow Grove, PA
    Forget Kay-Bee Hobbies, and scrap Toys 'R' Us. When I was growing up, it was Lionel Kiddie City that had every toy a kid could ever want. And I do mean EVERY toy. There wasn't a toy that Kiddie City DIDN'T carry. Mom couldn't take me in here and I not come out with something. I would complain and complain... And people from all over the suburban Philadelphia area would drive to the Willow Grove Kiddie city during Christmas time. If you, or a relative worked in a Kiddie City, and have photos of a Kiddie City, or people working there or even a circular, please e-mail me, as I would like to put it here on my website. Please use the Contact form from the above menu. Thanks!

  • Vesuvio's Pizza • 3200 W 9th St. & Keystone Rd., Chester, PA
    I remember going to see my aunt & uncle, who still live in Chester to this day, and thinking "We're going to have pizza tonight!" — which meant going to Vesuvio's. It is this place that set the standard of pizza for me. Forget PizzaHut, Papa John's and Domino's. A large Vesuvio's pizza was TWENTY-TWO inches of hot, cheesey, gooey heaven. It was thicker than today's "pan-pizza", and there was just as much pepperoni on it as a "pepperoni-lover's". This is what pizza was for me growing up. There's only ONE place I've eaten (so far) that even comes close to this: Masso's Deli & Pizzeria in NJ. Know of a place that makes a 22-inch pizza? Let me know!

  • John's Doggie Shop • 7th Street, Chester, PA
    My first REAL hot dog was had at John's Doggie Shop. You could smell them right after we had gotten out of the car! At home, Mom had always boiled the hot dogs, so it was something to see a grill with nothing but hot dogs on it, and the man who was standing in front of them slid his spatula across the tops, and they ALL rolled over to show that they were done on one side. I had found hot dog heaven! Ever since then, all the hot dogs I eat, get compared to John's. And John's is still Number One in my book. I hope it's still there, as I recommend you check it out if you're itchin' for a killer hot dog!