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Manhattan, NYC • USA

NYC • Summer 2007

Okay, okay... I'm sure everyone says this. But there must be something to it, beacause people move here, go to school here, and much much more. I have lived in the suburbs all my life, and I have kind of dubbed the burbs as "Treeville". The things I'm into, the kind of people that seem to understand me most, tend to be people who live in cities. Most of the time, large cities. Places where there's a new face to see every second or so. If someone were to take a photo of me while I was in a large city, I'd probably be smiling. To me, cities represent a lot of things. If nothing else, a concentration of enough people to have things to do that are within walking distance, a train-stop away, or a small trip on a bus to reach. I love going on day trips to NYC, because things change every time you go. Being into dance music, and NYC being a city that never sleeps, all sorts of creation is happening at all hours of the day, weather you see it or not. To me, just knowing that keeps me coming back again and again.


takeshita dori (Takeshita Street) in japan.

I have an ever-growing love for Japan. The anime (ann-knee-may) and manga (mahn-ga) are just two items on my list. Their love of technology and it's progress to create beautiful things, make memories, and even replay them for others is nothing short of astounding. Their work ethic is unmatched and when it's time to play, they play hard too. The diet of fish (which is not always raw) and rice with vegetables is one of the healthiest in the world. Sure, they have their "bad-for-you" foods too (and who doesn't?), but I've been eating more fish, rice, and veggies, and I have lost some weight, and gained more energy. I still eat burgers and fries and such, just not as often. Most of the video games we played as kids (Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, Legend Of Kage, etc) all come frome Japan, so arcades are HUGE in Japan. I also want to go to see Honda's Asimo (which is literally: "legs also" in Japanese). Ever since I saw Forbidden Planet's "Robby The Robot", I've loved robots. And the fact that Asimo is a REAL robot, and not a sci-fi one, makes me want to see it even more. When Japanese people speak, it's sounds like there's a lot going on, and the funny thing is, what you may have heard was the shortened way of saying it! Check out my Nihongo page or JapanesePod101.com for more on speaking Japanese. All in all, I have gotten along with every Japanese person I've met. Now I know that not EVERY Japanese person would be like this, but what is comforting to know is that if you try to understand them, they will help you to understand it better, and correctly. There will be a BIG post here with all my Japanese photos (and hopefully video too)! Stay tuned...

Shibuya Intersection (scramble cross)


lord nelson's column at trafalgar square in london, england.

There's that question that people always ask: "If you could be anywhere in the world, right now, where would it be?" Well, I'd have to say Piccadilly Circus would be at the top of that list. It's like NYC's Times Square... Just in the UK. I had so much fun there. I'm going to get the photos I took there up on the site sometime soon, so keep your eyes peeled. Some of my favorite DJs, Actors, Actresses and Directors are from there, so the music and movies are enough to keep me busy as long as there's fresh content to enjoy. I will be visiting Stonehenge on my next visit. Sure it's a "touristy" thing to go see, but hey, where else are you going to see it in person? Summers in the UK are fun. They even have weekender flights to Ibiza and Aya Napa – two of the hottest club-minded islands on the planet. Piccadilly Circus is at the epicenter of Clubland, Theatreland is down the street, Leicester Square & Chinatown is one to two blocks over, and the redlight district is two blocks from there. Where else do you need to go?!?