travel stops

The list below contains the places I've been, state-side, and global.

    inside the us

  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    "Philly", as the locals call it, is only about 25 minutes from where I live, so even going on a day trip to Philly can be a fun day out too. There's a lot to Philly, you just have to look.

  • Marlton, New Jersey
    Marlton, NJ is where I work. Jersey has it's own reputation for quite a few things, but one that I get to endure everyday is the fact that most of the roads in NJ are highways, or roads that turn into major highways. Sometimes, without any warning.

  • New York Ciy, New York
    From it's incredible buidlings, to it's thriving nightlife, restaurants, and shopping, NYC has something for everyone. The city that never sleeps has a lot to see, and it'll take you almost a month to see it all. Everytime you go, you'll notice that something has changed. Shops move, restaurants start up, art galleries flourish, clubs pulsate, all to the underlying heartbeat made up entirely of the people who dwell there. Simply a must-see city.

  • California
    Los Angeles was fun last September (2007), the food, the clubs, as well as the weather was spectacular. I don't know if I could live there, I'd have to have Greg get me prepared for that I suppose... San Francisco and San Jose were all that too, completing the whole "Sunshine State" mantra. Check it out.

  • Boston, Massachusetts
    I was here to go to a seminar at Harvard. I didn't get to see much of Boston (only about 6 to 10 blocks worth really), and it was raining heavily. The food there was great though, so someday I'll get to go back and really sample Boston properly.

  • Washington, DC
    When I was first here, it was for and Adobe Seminar. The one where they introduced the whole "Creative Suite" idea. It was a real big deal at the time, and it's in it's third incarnation at the moment. My friend Ethan lived here for a bit, and I got to visit him one weekend. The food was on point (killer pancakes!), and the clubs were packed. Good'nuff for me!

    outside the us

  • London, England • 2000
    This trip was so amazing, that I want to go back. This time, I want to take TWO weeks instead of one, so I can get re-aquainted! The clubs have changed a bit, and the ladies have been a bit more aggressive when it comes to meeting guys. I'll head back here after Japan someday!

  • Tokyo, Japan • 2008
    If you want to see just what the Far East really looks like, then head to Japan. It's my favorite vacation spot to date. There will only be a few photos here, until after the release of my DVD — Path Of The Gaijin. It's not as expensive as you've heard. The most expensive parts of your trip, will be the airfare and the hotel. If you eat like the locals, you'll be able to eat like a king! Eat $200 worth of sushi, and only pay ¥1200 (close to $12.00)?? Oh yeah.