fond photographic memories

cold spring elementary school • willow grove, pa

documenting my childhood

This is a very emotional photo for me. It may look like an old run-down school to you, but when I first entered Cold Spring Elementary for kindergarten in 1976, it was through that blue door you see in the photo above. This is where Mrs. Ines (pronounced: in-niss) taught us. Every now and again I went back to visit some of the teachers I had here. Some have re-married (Mrs. Warren-1st Grade), others had passed away (Mrs. Tucker-2nd Grade, Mr. Waters-4th Grade), Some finally got married (Miss Lipski-3rd Grade). The Principals had changed as well: Dr. Kostic (in my kindergarten years), to Mr. Stephenson (the remainder of my stay in elementary school). When I went to visit once, Mr. Waters himself was Principal! We had a short chat and caught up on old times. When I went to visit last, the building was being shut-down and not only that, torn down. I had to get these pieces of my childhood documented. I'm almost afraid of going back there to see if they have indeed demolished the building, as a few "firsts" in my life occurred there.

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