hajimemashite! (first-time greeting)

You may think that his is a very difficult language, and in some ways yes, it is. But if you take the time to really understand what's being said, and understand the culture, this is not only a bit easier, but it's FUN TOO. I know I have quite a ways to go to reach fluency, but if I keep doing what I'm doing and try hard, my reward (if you can call it that) will be the ability to have a complete conversation as well as read AND write in Japanese.

Below, is the name of Japan's biggest mountain, Mt. Fuji. The Japanese sometimes call it "Fuji-san". Below, are the Kanji (the borrowed characters from the Chinese language) used to write the word "fujiyama". Use the graphic below for the phonetic breakdown of Mount Fuji.

kanji: the ancient characters borrowed from china.