itadakimasu! (said before eating)

Most people believe that all the Japanese eat is fish and rice. While this may account for a sizable portion of their diet, it's obviously not the only thing that Japanese people consume. I have been there and I can assure you that there's quite a few food chains in Japan, like KFC, Wendy's, McDonalds, Burger King, Pizza Hut, and those are just the American ones.  Japan has it's own food chains too.

This section of site, talks about the different foods from Japan that I've had. I'll take photos when I can, otherwise I may need to pull from the Internet. There's more to Japanese cuisine than sushi, and I hope what you read here may get you to check out the foods that I myself have tried. Gambatte!


uramaki - "inside-out" sushi rolls.

Funnily enough, you've probably seen this dish many, many times, just inside-out. You've seen the sushi rolls with the seaweed on the outside. These are the same, just made with the rice on the bottom and the seaweed on top with the seafood on top of that, and tightly rolled and sliced. I've had these, and they are tasty indeed. My favorite places to get them is Hikaru on 2nd, between South Street and Bainbridge in Philadelphia, PA and at You Zen in Northeast Philadelphia, PA. Best with Wasabi.


tonkatsu - breaded deep-fried pork cutlet.

Now THIS is one thing that quite a few people miss on the menus of a Japanese restaurant! It's a dish I came across at Hikaru (where else, right?). It's usually made with panko — Japanese bread crumbs — and placed a deep-fryer, or a wok. Someplaces with serve them with tempura-stye vegetalbles, but you'll always get rice. There's also a very tasty brown sauce called Ponzu sauce that is like A1 is to steak sauce. Scrumptious.