where'd you find that?!?

I have been asked many, many times about how I come across the things I do, and the answer is plain and simple. Go to your favorite search engine, and type a word in, and thus begins your quest to locating the many hidden jewels that hide on the net. What this page attempts to do, is to give you a list of places I have found in my online sojourns. NOTE! If you come across any of the links having expired, please e-mail me and let me know, so I can try to keep this list updated. Thanks!

web design

On the page that follows are links for various aspects of web design and development.


Links to various pages regarding movies, movie traliers, movie theaters, publishing houses, and more.


Links to various online music sources, artists, duplication and mastering companies, as well as online distrobution services and companies.

video games

If games are your thing, then take a look at pages regarding retro-gaming, gaming as a sport, video game compaines, and a link to a traveling video game exhibit: VIDEOTOPIA!

interesting links

Here are some links to various sites I found while randomly surfing the net. Enjoy!