crate diggin' on itunes

With music stores folding and music websites opening up it's only natural to begin your crate digging sessions online nowadays. When you're trying to find those rare tracks, you don't have to hum or sing a bar of it to someone, and drive them crazy trying to remember that catch phrase that made the song memerable. Especially with places like iTunes,, DJ Download and numerous others, you can now hear the song before you buy it.

This page is a list of tracks I've found on iTunes, that were either A. not available or in the iTunes catalog when I first looked for it, or B. was not catagorized or spelled properly when I was searching for it. Alexander Robotnik is a perfect example. I've also included the links directly to the tracks in iTunes. If you come across a broken link, please e-mail me so I can straighten it out. You may bookmark this page, and keep it as a resource if you wish. Enjoy, and see you on the dancefloor.

8 TRACKS ADDED ON: 01-11-09

  • "got to give it up"

    by Marvin Gaye • [iTunes]
  • "the everlasting blink"

    by Bent • [iTunes]
  • "boogie philosophy"

    by Dephazz • [iTunes]
  • "grass-hopper" & "sakura"

    by Lemongrass • [iTunes]
  • "flute salad" & "ocean jive"

    by Sven Van Hees • [iTunes]
  • "problems d'amour"

    by Alaxander Robotnik • [iTunes]
  • "when i hear mu'sic"

    by Duke Dumont • [iTunes]
  • "beneath you"

    by Mark Mendes • [iTunes]