one cuppa...two cuppa...

This page was created to honor my favorite drink: HOT TEA. I was introduced to this drink as a child when I was sick. Mom made me a cup of tea, and I remember how good it tasted, and it's distinct aroma. Nothing else smelled like it, or tasted like it. After that first time, I was asking Mom for a cup quite a bit, when she told me that drink was for when I was sick. I wondered, how could those little bags hold so much flavor, and how come it's so soothing and relaxing? I didn't invesigate further until I was older, and I can safely say that I really like my findings!

Now, bagged tea, is how most of people have come across tea. But, if you take a look inside the teapot at most Asian restaurants, you may be surprised to see that they don't use bagged tea. It's loose. Either loose in the pot (like looking at a swimming pool that wasn't covered in the fall, and there are leaves floating around), or in a loose tea strainer/ball/holder (there are some wicked contraptions to hold loose tea out there too...). I drink both bagged an loose tea, with a preference for loose tea if where we are gives me a choice. The difference? It gives the leaves the ability to give you all the flavor it can. Jasmine has a LOT of aroma and flavor when you use loose tea leaves instead of the bagged ones (I find), and would highly recommend it.

Those of you who have been with me when it was time to eat know that I'll usually order "hot tea, with lemon". with my food. I'm slowly weening myself off of soda, and I'm drinking more tea now than I have in the past. This page will list websites of the companies who make the teas I've had and like. Click on the picture of the tea you'd like to know more about, and you'll be taken to their home website. If you have a favorite brand of tea you'd like to share, please e-mail me using the Contact section of the site, okay? Ciao!


01. PG Tips

I was introduced to PG Tips by a very close and dear friend who is originally from the UK. He explained to me that this is one of the most common teas in Britain. I really love the taste, and I think anyone who really likes tea will enjoy this one as well.

Where you can find it:
Wegman's, Whole Foods, Superfresh (some)


02. Ty-Phoo

Now, if you like PG Tips, then try out the blue-collar, working man's tea! Ty-phoo is not to be underestimated, or even understated. This is one strong cup of tea. I always try to keep some in the house. It's got this taste that I've not had anywhere else. It's not indescribable, but hard to place. But, I highly recommend that if you see some, GET IT.

Where you can find it:
Wegman's, Whole Foods


03. Tazo

I first came across Tazo while I was working at a pharmaceutical company in 1993. I didn't want coffee, so I tried Tazo's Earl Grey. Since then, I buy Tazo when I see it. If you can't seem to find the first two, not to worry. Tazo is actually easier to find than the UK teas.

Where you can find it:
Most supermarkets

republic of tea

04. The Republic Of Tea

Alongside the Tazo tea in 1993 was The Republic Of Tea. If nothing else, their canisters will cause you to investigate more. That's how I came across it! The canister for their Green Tea was what got me first, then on to their "Earl Greyer" as well as their Rooibos (a tea from South Africa) canister. Their website is extremely informative too, so please take a look.

Where you can find it:
Most supermarkets


05. Twinings

Now Twinings is a good tea, and it's easily found in just about every supermarket I've ever been in. They have both bagged and loose versions, and the quality is definately worth checking out. Most people have at least tried it, but I personally think their loose Jasmine is their best offering. The Earl Grey is nice, but the aroma of their loose Jasmine is a real stunner. Don't miss this one.

Where you can find it: