the movies I review

The movies I review come from all over the spectrum as well as all over the world. Quite a few of these (if not most) have subtitles, and some may be dubbed in English. I prefer watching the movies in it's native tongue before I ever put on the English dub-over.

Another thing about my reviews is I do NOT give away the movie in my review. I show only SIX images, plus one at the top of the page as a splash graphic, and that's that. Trust me, sometimes it's not easy to pick even six photos that don't give away any part of the plot of the films.

Please be warned: There are movies here that may be a bit beyond your viewing threshold. I accept no responsibility for what you watch. I also recommend that you keep these movies away from young children. Many of the themes and situations are NOT for youngsters, or people under 21 years of age. You have been forewarned.

movies I've reviewed

    2000-2007 reviews

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