come get some!

Everyone loves to get something for free, so here on this page, I'll be posting items for you to download and enjoy. Like my desktop/wallpaper creations for your computer and your iPhone. I'll add other items for download as time permits. Keep a close watch on this page for new items. Please contact me and let me know what you think of these items, okay? Enjoy!


Clicking on the icon on the left will take you to the Desktops/Wallpaper gallery area, where the images contained are ready for download.

iphone wallpapers

Click on the iPhone icon on the left and you'll be taken to the iPhone Wallpaper gallery area.

about downloads

All the items here for download were created by me, unless otherwise noted. These items are not to be re-sold. All photos were taken by me, unless otherwise noted. By downloading anything from this site, you are agreeing to NOT re-sell my work without my prior knowledge. Gaining such knowledge requires more than just an e-mail. I will need to speak with all parties involved. Trading is fine, as long as my logo is NOT removed from any of the work found here on this website.