just because turntables don't have strings, doesn't mean it's not an instrument.

If strings are what make an instrument, then what of the drum? What of the woodwinds and brass sections of an orchestra? Okay, how about the African thumb piano? These are bona-fide instruments. Music is the systematic arangement of sounds into patterns that are pleasing to the ear and the mind. The various instruments are played in such a fashion to evoke emotion, as well as motion. Now, if you have an instrument that can harness these sounds and play them back at various speeds, and allow for manipulation by hand, what do you have. An artist. Artists take known materials and turn them into works of art. The art of sound. In my eyes, DJs harness so much power. Creating one large song by mixing and blending together many smaller songs. This page is dedicated to all the DJs, known, and the up-and-comming jocks who are poised to put their thing down.

  • DJS: USA East Coast

  • Josh Wink
    josh wink • philadelphia, pa
  • King Britt
    king britt • philadelphia, pa
  • Randall Jones
    randall jones • philly, dallas, nyc
  • Texel-Quadrant
    texel • philly, seattle
  • Junior Vasquez
    junior vasquez • NYC
  • Jackie Christie
    jackie christie • NYC
  • Lady Miss Kier
    lady miss kier • nyc, uk
  • B.T.
    b.t. • washington, dc
  • DJS: USA West Coast

  • The Crystal Method
    the crystal method • vegas, nv
  • Doc Martin
    doc martin • san francisco, ca
  • Mix Master Mike
    mix master mike • san francisco, ca
  • DJS: UK

  • Carl Cox
    carl cox • london, england
  • Lisa Lashes
    lisa lashes • london, england
  • Mr. C
    mr. c • the end club - london, england
  • Judge Jules
    judge jules • gatecrasher - sheffield, england
  • Digweed
    john digweed • london, england

There will be more DJs added to this list shortly.