Hello all! Enjoy the site!

a light introduction...

Well hello to you! I'm Brian K. James, and this is my new website. I'll be posting my photos, movie reviews, and more here. Below, I've listed some more information in detail. If you have a question, but don't see your answer listed below, just e-mail me and ask away!

about brian:

Age: 41
Birth Sign: Pisces
Marital Status: Single
Location: Suburbs of Philadelphia, PA


Being Creative, Going to a bookstore, Going to the Movies, Going Clubbing, DJing, Going Rollerskating, Visiting Museums, Writing Music, Daytrips, Helping others with creativity, Cooking, Intelligent Conversations


Racism, Stupidity, Ignorance, Liars, Golddiggers, Thieves, Reality TV Shows (too many to list)

what I do watch on tv:

01. Everything on Cartoon Network's "Adult Swim" (but no "Tim & Eric").
02. Ninja Warrior and Attack Of The Show (on G4)
03. On Food Network: Alton Brown, Rachel Ray
04. Family Guy, King Of The Hill, American Dad
05. Simpsons