the tools used

For those of you who want to know what I used to build this website, here's the list of hardware and software used to build it. As I add other items to the site, I'll add them to this page, so STAY TUNED!

apple mac mini g4 ($599)

If you thought switching to a Mac was going to be expensive, think again. This IS a FULL-BLOWN Mac, despite it's size and appearance. I've been using one since it came out, and I'm VERY happy. Heck, it made this site, and many others!

canon powershot pro 1 ($699)

This is one of the cameras I use, and I must say that I like the weight, operation and everything it has to offer. It can shoot 8MP RAW images, and the quality of the photo is awesome. Sad to say, I don't think that Canon still sells, or makes this camera. Check eBay, Amazon and J & R Music And Computer World in NYC.

nikon d70s ($699)

This is the latest addition to my media-capturing devices, and thanks to my friend Sean B., it's my favorite camera to shoot with. It's been quite a few places already, and I'll take it everywhere I can. It's a 6.1MP (which is less than the Canon I own), but it REALLY makes a difference when you can change the lenses (unlike the Canon I own). Check the Photos and the Travel sections. Unfortunately, it's a discontinued model, but you CAN still find it. Check eBay, Amazon, and camera stores.

mac os x leopard 10.5 ($129)

Once again, Apple has done it. Mac OS X Leopard is finally here. After installing it, my Mac Mini had gotten FASTER. Spaces has made me re-think the way I work, and Time Machine is a godsend. Just go to the app where you last saw what you're looking for and in a few clicks, it's back from dead!

panic's coda ($69)

Okay, I used to use Dreamweaver, and yes it's a great web app. But, having done THIS SITE entirely by hand, from scratch, I can't imagine going back to Dreamweaver. Coda's One-Window interface allows me to design my CSS files, my XHTML files, as well as upload because Transmit (written by Panic as well) is built in. Don't let the price tag fool you, this app is WELL WORTH KNOWING AND HAVING! Once you start using Coda, it's very hard to stop And it's only $70.00 to boot! Schweeet!

adobe photoshop cs2 ($649)

I know, I know... CS3 is out. Well, I'm waiting until I have saved enough to buy the new CS3 suite, but until then, CS2 is still rockin enough for me every day. This software is known the world over as being the best, hands down. I can agree.